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Smart Messenger Chat Widget for FREE!


Step 1

Choose your Facebook™ page

Choose your Facebook™ page you want to tie this widget to. Put the full address (or handle) of your page inside the field and hit generate to star the creation process.


Step 2

Configure your Smart Chat Widget

Configure your widget fully. Choose color schemes, profile picture, attention grabbing messages! The pop-up messages even grab attention by making a sound!


Step 3

Embed your widget on your pages

Embed the widget in the head of your site to load it on every page. Or choose to show it on only the pages you want by embedding it in the body. Easy-peasy!

Generate Messenger subscribers from your site(s) instantly. 🙂


Unlimited Subscribers
Generate unlimited Messenger subscribers straight from your pages.


Continue in Messenger
Even if the visitor leaves your website, the conversation still continues via Messenger


Integrate Clever Messenger
Works perfectly with Clever Messenger – the #1 chatbot marketing suite.

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