Got a Chatbot on Messenger For Your Business Yet?

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Got a chatbot on Messenger for your business yet? Or are you new to Clever Messenger? Well, our navigable and easy-to-manage platform will let you build chatbots for your business and client needs. In its base, the Messenger chatbots you create with Clever Messenger are tools that will automate the way you do things in and around your company. For instance, answering customers’ questions will never be that difficult again when you have a chatbot do all the heavy lifting. Plus, it will not only automate responses to your customers while doing business, but it will also ease up your workflows. The chatbots you can create with Clever Messenger are for all walks of web life. What does this mean? If you do any business online, or you fulfill any role that takes place online, a chatbot can help. Let’s find out below!

Clever Messenger Is For All Walks Of Web Life 

In this section of the article, we take a look at some of the roles you, or your team members, fulfill in your company. At the end of each little section, we lead out with some ideas on how that specific role can use a chatbot on Messenger in your business. First up, affiliates!

Affiliates (and CPA Marketers)

Affiliates are people who practice affiliate marketing or performance-based marketing. They usually get paid a commission when successfully promoting a product and making a sale. CPA marketers are the people practicing CPA marketing. CPA, in other definitions it refers to the cost per acquisition, but it also refers to online advertising measurement with a commission-based model where people get paid on having other people complete specified actions—for instance, making a sale, generating an email lead, registration, home addresses, booking calls and more. 

How should affiliates (and CPA marketers) use a Chatbot on Messenger in your business?

The best advantages of Messenger chatbots for affiliate and CPA marketers include automating sales and improving lead generation. You’re allowed to use affiliate links inside a chatbot, as long as they lead outside of the conversation. Just, imagine setting up a Facebook ad, that leads to your chatbot on Messenger, where in turn the chatbot is warming up the lead for the CPA offer you’re promoting… You can then ask for all the details inside the chatbot, and send that over to the CPA offer with webhooks. Voila! Generating commissions through your chatbot automatically.

Social Media Marketers 

Social media marketers are always looking for innovative ways to get their message across on platforms like Facebook. Because they know it will increase their reach and their follower base, which in turn generates more leads and sales for the company. Social media marketers develop strategies tailored to the company they work for. They create and distribute content via the business’ social media profiles… with chatbots they can now open an entire new lucrative channel to get the message across.

How should Social Media Marketers use a Chatbot on Messenger in your business?

For social media marketers, the Messenger chatbot advantages include enhancing customer experiences, nurturing prospects, and increase engagement on other social media platforms. By introducing a chatbot persona, they’re able to configure the chatbot in such a way it can be a jolly spokesperson for the brand they’re working for. Add a little wit and humor, and you automatically increase the likeability of your chatbot, and so the brand the chatbot is tied to. Of course, chatbots are there 24/7,  and because of this, bots are also bound to increase the interest in the products your selling, creating seamless cross-platform experiences. 

eCommerce Vendors 

eCommerce is the ones in the trenches, trying to sell their product online via a webshop or shopping cart like Shopify, or WooCommerce. They’re always looking to kick people off their fence, increasing product sales. This group needs Messenger chatbots more than ever. What are the benefits of Messenger chatbots for eCommerce vendors? Next to being able to provide 24/7 support, personalizing messages to customers, and reducing acquisition costs, there’s one benefit we’d like to highlight in particular. Read on! 

How eCommerce Vendors use a Chatbot on Messenger in their business?

Cart recovery? How about a chatbot that sends a message, a reminder if you will, to anyone who added your product to their cart, but didn’t complete the checkout process. There’s a ton of money to be made from the people who abandon the cart by just following up with them. A chatbot is automated, it can follow up with customers 24/7, and so, it’s automating sales!

List Builders, Bloggers, And Influencers 

Has blogging and influencing other people stopped? Is email dead? Don’t think so! It’s hotter than ever, the means of getting your message in front of lots of eyeballs has just changed radically. Chatbots offer a new innovative channel to get your message across while generating a bunch of leads and promoting the content pieces you want them to take a look at. The best thing? You’re able to reach them on the most popular messaging app there is; Messenger… Plus, it’s there, right with them in their pocket on their phone.

How do they use a Chatbot on Messenger in their business?

Center the content you’re writing around your Messenger bot first, get as many people inside your chatbot, so you’re able to reach out to them using broadcasts. Place a customer chat widget on your website, and mention that if they’re talking with the widget, they will experience your chatbot first hand… And while you keep promoting your chatbot through your articles and blog posts, each time you have a new valuable piece, send out the link to the people subscribed to your chatbot to instantly boost traffic. Which in turn helps in more sharing on platforms like Facebook, and so, more new people reading your content.

Support Staff 

Your support staff will be able to do so much more when there are Messenger chatbots in your business. Really, if you’re looking for a more comfortable and faster way to handle, automate, and address live support issues, chatbots are a must-have. Chatbots provide a multitude of advantages for your support staff. And as a result, it will offer better lead generation and nurturing. Plus, it will also allow your business to deliver 24/7 automated customer support, saving a lot on customer service costs. 

How can your Support Staff use a Chatbot on Messenger in your business?

Bots save your support agents so much time, by not having to respond to repeat questions… That’s 80% of all support questions. With a chatbot taking care of those boring repeating questions, your support agents can double down on the quality of support. Meaning, they’re now able to put more time and effort into the customers that do need human attention. Increasing customer satisfaction, and as a result more word of mouth about whatever it is you’re selling. 

Product Sellers

Product sellers will need a Messenger chatbot in their business more than anybody else. One of the biggest benefits a product seller can gain from chatbots is another channel they can use to sell the product. By having an automated virtual assistant taking care of a lot of aspects of the business, it translates into benefits like 24/7 support, personalization, reduced costs, and more

How do Product Sellers use a Chatbot on Messenger in their business?

Chatbots can also provide product guidance, like onboarding a customer. This is making sure the customer is getting some early wins in the game that helps transform them into a long-term customer. Furthermore, a chatbot can be an entry point to learning more about the products you’re selling, just ask our chatbot about the features for a nice demo. 

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