Chatbots for Business: The Best Time to Start Implementing

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Are you a business owner interested in scaling your customer service and/or lead generation? Would you like to see your company running around the clock, helping current customers and bringing new customers into your sales funnel? If so, you should consider using chatbots for your business! This is especially so if you want to add to your website and social media marketing. But, when should you start to use AI technology to scale your business? And how do you know if you’re ready? Don’t worry if the unknown tech of chatbots seems daunting. Keep reading to learn why you need them, and when you should add them to your marketing strategy.

Why You Need Chatbots for Business Today

The AI industry is breaking ground in the digital world. And digital marketing will benefit significantly from incorporating all the AI has to offer. See, when your company can combine the power of AI with your marketing strategy, you will see massive gains in customer satisfaction and sales. Customers today want real-time help and immediate answers to their questions. They don’t have time to fill out a request form and wait for a sales team’s phone call.

Half of all customers surveyed felt businesses should be available around the clock. And that they would instead contact a company through messaging than email or phone. The fact is, most sales are lost once the lead is past the initial 24-hour mark. Is your sales team equipped to answer every new lead through your website in under 24 hours? If not, then you need chatbots.

Stop wasting time watching your email open rates. Instead, choose the option that gets between four to ten times the amount of CTR that email gets. Email might not be dead yet (going to get flamed for this one, but I don’t care!). “Email” should be nervous about being replaced by smart AI bots coming to every website soon.

So, the question isn’t do you need a chatbot, but rather when you need one. You can’t afford to lose sales any longer due to delayed response times. Chatbots aren’t a wave of the future these days. They are the current necessity, and you need to add chatbot services to your website today. From Facebook Messenger to Instagram DMs… All the way back to that little chatbot in the bottom corner of every website, bots are everywhere. And if you don’t currently have one set up, you’re missing out!

When You Need a Chatbot

As mentioned above, attention spans are short these days. And your customers expect immediate answers to their questions. From customer service to lead generation, chatbots can help you automate your website and increase your bottom line. So if you run a business that interacts mostly online with your customers. And the majority of your sales are conducted online, then you could benefit from chatbots. Your website can lead future prospects through your buyer’s journey from awareness of your product to closing the sale.

Use the power of automation and scale your business by keeping your customer service department open 24/7 online. Customers come to your website around the clock. Chatbots can get your customers interacting with your brand and learning about your product. Even while you’re nowhere near your computer. It can all be set up ahead of time to work automatically. Additionally, if your customer service team finds themselves spending a lot of their time answering basic questions such as tracking packages or reminders for appointments, you could also fall in love with chatbots.

Automate your customer service! And cut countless mundane phone calls through integrating customer service-based chatbots. Chatbots can also end many back and forth emails. Instead, start reaching out to them in a format they like and give instant feedback. Stop chasing those ever-decreasing open rates in people’s inboxes. They are being inundated in non-stop emails. We all receive too many emails every day, and you’re contributing to that. Now that you need to incorporate chatbots into your business, your next question is probably how you can implement this strategy. Don’t worry, it won’t cost thousands of dollars or require strong coding skills.

Basics of Bots for Your Business

Chatbots can help guide a new prospect through your sales funnel, answer their questions, and deliver a warm and informed lead to your sales team. Just like baking a cake, you don’t want to start mixing ingredients until you’ve gathered all the necessary items. Before you start creating your chatbot or worrying about coding, you need to create a strategy and a plan. The first step in deciding what type of chatbot your business needs is deciding for which purpose it will be used. You need to look at your customer base and your future customers. What questions do they ask regularly?

You also want to analyze how they find your company usually. Do they come to your website? Do they leave messages on social media, whether its public posts or direct messaging? This will guide you in where you are best served with creating your chatbot. Next, you will want to analyze the intent of visitors to your website and social media profiles. Are they asking questions about how to use your product? Or are they potential leads coming to see if your product is a good fit for them?

The answers to these questions will guide you towards creating a customer service based chatbot or a lead generating chatbot. Eventually, your company will likely need both, but you will want to focus on building one in the beginning. Then optimize it and ensure it is fully functional before moving on to creating other functions and features of your chatbot. As you answer these questions, you will begin to form the strategy for your chatbots and how they can help your business. You can finally step into creating the bot that will fill your needs, as outlined in your strategy questions above.

How to Get a Chatbot?

You might be concerned you don’t know about coding and how to create a chatbot. The good news is you don’t have to understand how to create a single line of code, or hire an expensive website developer, to add a chatbot to your digital arsenal. With the help of drag ‘n drop editors such as Clever Messenger, anyone can add chatbot power to their website. Don’t worry about knowing how to code, we’ve taken care of that for you. In fact, we spent over 18 months writing over a million code lines to create the first drag and drop chatbot builder on the market.

Our intuitive drag ‘n drop builder allows you to create an all-in-one chatbot allowing you to funnel leads… and change those leads into clients! And it will not stop there. Because a chatbot can help provide stellar customer service to current clients. It does this by replying to questions fast and easy. No more waiting times!

Whether you want to draw viewers from Facebook ads to your website or messenger bot, you can grow your community with the power of chatbots. You can now grow your business with ease when it comes to creating your chatbot and your workflow from lead to prospect to customer.

When it comes to direct response marketing, chatbots are the wave of the future. No longer do you have to wait for someone to walk into your store or stumble upon your website. You can drive traffic to your chatbot and walk potential customers towards your end goal. Regardless of if you’re driving the sale or asking for their email address… chatbots can help you with customer service and sales alike. The most advanced chatbot on the market can help you grow your community. And it can definitely improve your business, and improve your sales as well.

Start Implementing Smart Chatbots Today

Look. You’re ready to scale your business. And you’re willing to take your lead generation process to the next level. You now know that chatbots can take you there. Even while you’re fast asleep… Or even when enjoying that hard-earned vacation… your bot funnel is generating new leads. And it’s then funneling those leads through the buyers’ journey automatically. 

So what’s holding you back to start right now?

Frankly, there isn’t a better time than now to start using AI tech software such as chatbots to help grow your business. Your competition is learning about them too, and you don’t want to fall behind. Chatbots for marketing are easy to create, especially with a tool such as Clever Messenger. And this is especially true when you use a drag and drop editor such as Clever Messenger. So, don’t wait any longer. Let’s get you started today so we can help grow your business right away.

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