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"This is a dream come true for any business owner."

Joe the Goat Farmer

Chris Hitman

We’re Changing The Way You Market in 2019 and Beyond

Looking to get more eyeballs on your message? Then thisis for you!


Look, you’re not alone. It’s true — we’ve seen it too. Now — more than ever — it’s becoming harder than a woodpeckers lips to reach your audience. 😕

And if you keep focus on the old, conventional & traditional channels you’ve been using for the last year...

...you will get left behind.

Here’s Why It’s So Hard To Get Your Message Heard Now-a-days.


The number of advertisers using FB™ has more than doubled in the last 18 months.


Open rates and CTR are flat lining. Plus ‘inboxing’ promotional emails is very hard!


More and more people are LOSING boat loads of money with paid advertising


Consumers are becoming “blind” to your ads and campaigns get ignored completely.

People open less and less of your emails. Promotional emails are difficult to inbox – because spam filters are super hard to beat. Plus social media is so noisy you can barely see your own posts!

And although there’s no disputing FB™ is a great way to GET targeted traffic to your offers. More
businesses are running ads – and the first signs of 
‘banner blindness’ are starting to occur!

In fact — some days — it seems like the newsfeed is nothing but ads!

Things ALREADY changed. And you need to adapt 
fast to stay relevant to your audience.

See, it’s all due tothe "BIG shift"...

Say “Good Bye” to Social Networks…?

Business Insider states Messaging Apps have surpassed Social Networks.

The place to be right now is inside messaging apps. People spend way more time inside these apps than they do on Social Networks! 

End 2016, 1.6 billion people already used messaging apps. It’s expected to reach a whopping 2 billion (80% of all smartphone users) in 2019!

SquareMessaging Apps Have Surpassed Social Networks

BI showing Messaging Apps already surpassed Social Networks
Source: Business Intelligence

YES – your audience is using Messaging Apps as well to connect with businesses BIG & small.

It makes PERFECT sense. The proof is staring youin the face!

See, you already use Messaging Apps day-in day-out.

When you wake up, you check out your messages. When you go have lunch, you check out your messages. And right before going to bed — you check out your messages! 

Not to forget about all moments in-between. 😉

And guess what? Your audience is doing the exact same thing:

8 out of 10 adults 🙋‍♂️

8 out of 10 adults connected to the Internet use messaging apps – all day every day.

9 out of 10 teens 💁‍♂️
9 out of 10 teens connected to the Internet use messaging apps – all day every day.
7 out of 10 people 🙆‍♂️
7 out of 10 online consumers are more likely to shop with a business they can Message.
7 out of 10 people 🤷‍♂️
7 out of 10 paying customers would rather message than call customer service

Yet, more than 98% of all businesses aren’t taking advantage of this. They’re simply
not reaching out to their customers through Messaging Apps.

Let's put this into perspective...

Time Square New York

Imagine selling hotdogs 🌭 for a moment...

Ideally, you and your delicious buns want to be on Time Square, New York! After all, it’s where the traffic is, right?

And savvy as you are... you know you need to build a business where the traffic is. And that place is inside messaging apps.

Now, although that's all great and magnificent...

It's not all about where the traffic is anymore...

See, today we live in an "on-demand" society.

We want 'things' on our own time. And we decide when we want it.

Your audience? They are no different! 

Nowadays they expect the on-demand experience.  They are used to it.

And Marketing today should have the same on-demand tendencies, by delivering on your audience's needs instantly... Because your audience massively tuned-out on old-school mass-marketing which is impersonal and immediate.

And the only way to truly do this... The only way to truly cater & deliver your message to your audience in an 'on-demand world'... is by providing a conversation through the use of Chatbots…

The future of chatbots is more than 'just' conversational...

Chatbots enable you to respond at every time of the day. Basically, they allow you to 'be there' without really 'being there'!

Meaning, in order to use conversational marketing at scale, you need a way to automate this... And with Chatbots, you and your business easily tap into this for exponential growth.

Now, whether you like it (or not) Chatbots are here to stay.

They are the best way to optimize your current (and new) marketing channels. To increase reach, boosting conversions, maximizing your profits and growing your company…

Just ask these BIG guys… Chatbots aren’t a craze, nor a hype 🙂

“...Bot are the new apps...”

“Bots are the new apps”, said Satya Nadella (CEO, Microsoft) during a nearly three-hour keynote sketching his vision for the way humans will interact with machines in the years to come.

In the same keynote he stated: “It’s technology that’s inevitable. People-to-people conversations, people-to-digital assistants, people-to-bots and even digital assistants-to-bots. This is the world you’re going to get to see in the years to come.”


"..The potential is limitless..”

Ted Livingston (CEO, Kik) said to Wired Magazine: “Chat apps are the new browsers and bots are the new websites. It’s immediately accessible. You can start chatting with it by scanning a code, typing in a username, or tapping a link. With one tap, you give it permission to access your account.”

Then he pointed out, “because the interaction is just a conversation, you immediately know how to use it. The entire process takes seconds instead of minutes. There’s no download, no account creation, and no learning curve.”

They paint a pretty nice picture, huh?

Now get this... According to Gartner, by 2020, 85% of customer interactions with a business will be managed without a human.

And it's already happening! Because Google already shows you the massive influx in interest in Chatbots — it’s at an all time high…

YES – Even Google confirms there’s a desperate need for Chatbots!

Google Trends shows the interest in Chatbots is at an all-time high

Google Trends shows the interest in Chatbots is at an all-time high.
Source: Google Trends

And while chatbots sound really cool and sexy… we couldn't help but wonder if this was just millennial fluke... Now — and you probably agree  Millennials are sure to be blamed for vanishing the “good ‘ol bar of soap”, however…

Chatbots are NOT just for Millennials.

BI showing chatbots aren't just for millennials

BI showing chatbots aren't just for millennials.
Source: Business Insider

This should be sweet music to your ears...

As this study shows 60% of both tech-savvy millennials AND Generation Xers in the United Stated have already used chatbots.

It basically shows you chatbots are pretty popular amongst users from 18 to 55 years.

And it’s expected these numbers will even grow much more!

Fact is chatbots are going to be even more important in the years to come…

The problem right now is...

It’s difficult for most business owners to build automations & market with chatbots. They simply don’t know where to start – and it’s too complicated to get things done.

Let alone building them fast — and exploit these chatbots — for their own profitable gain…

Because of this — the vast majority is:

Focussing on Wrong Platform

Focussing on the wrong platform
Relying on the wrong Messaging App is setting up for failure.

Using Complicated Software

Using complicated software
Following the herd in using expensive, complicated & broken software.

Hiring an Expensive Freelancer

Hiring an expensive freelancer
Because they think building chatbots is a tiring & complicated process

A fearful way to do business

Let’s face it. It doesn’t matter if you focus on the wrong platform, use complicated software, hired a freelancer, or just not knowing the ‘how to’Massive Fail

If you do any of the above, you set up your business to fail.

A scary way to do business…

Good news is, we’re solving these problems (and more) today…

First things first. The solution to “focussing on the wrong platform” is quite simple. BIG Fortune 500 Companies, Start-Ups and reputable marketers already paved the way for you... they focus on Messenger…

…and with good reason!

Big BrandsAlready UseChatbots on Messenger to…

ImageMessenger Benefits

...ForMuch LessThan The Old “Traditional” Ad Costs!

Yes — BIG Fortune 500 companies, Start-ups and reputable marketers already use Chatbots.

And as you can see with great results...

Marketing on Messenger is scorching HOT

Just look at the numbers. Chatbots on Messenger are taking over!

  • The Wall Street Journal

    The global news organization created a Messenger bot. It gives people access to daily digests, breaking news and live markets data. The bot helped WSJ engage a younger audience. And introduce its world class journalism to new readers around the world! 70% of the bot’s monthly active users are also daily users. And it acquired 130K of these daily active users in the first 14 months.


    daily active users acquired in the first couple of months with Messenger!
    Chatbots are bringing success to businesses around the globe.
    Source: Messenger
  • Mercedez-Benz

    Mercedes Benz wanted an innovative way to generate leads and boost in-store sales. They targeted men and women aged 25 to 45 in UAE, Bahrain, Jordan, Lebanon, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman and KSA. By launching a bot for Messenger, they enabled customers to explore the full range of cars! Also take a quiz to learn which SUV would best suit their driving habits, and ultimately book a test drive.


    conversion from unique sessions to actual test-drive bookings
    Chatbots are bringing success to businesses around the globe.
    Source: Messenger
  • Meetic

    The Meetic chatbot gives people the opportunity to sign up for a dating profile. A virtual assistant, named Lara from Meetic - takes you through personalized conversations. Lara helps in creating a Meetic profile and shows the best matches based on search criteria. The best thing? Thousands of new conversations started between customers and the the virtual assistant. All within the first month of launching the chatbot.


    lower cost per new registration compared to their mobile website
    Chatbots are bringing success to businesses around the globe.
    Source: Messenger
  • Love Your Melon

    Love Your Melon is a SMB eCom apparel brand dedicated to giving a hat to every child battling cancer in America. As well as supporting nonprofit organizations who lead the fight against pediatric cancer. The wanted to facilitate an easier shopping experience. So they used a Shopify integration to “turn on” Messenger as an extra marketing channel.


    return on ad spend using Messenger's Sponsored messages feature
    Chatbots are bringing success to businesses around the globe.
    Source: Messenger
  • KLM

    KLM wanted to make it easier for customers - and agents - to have meaningful conversations. All without compromising privacy. The airline implemented the Messenger chat feature on its Facebook Page. The system works in conjunction with agents to answer customer questions. And shares flight information including booking confirmations, boarding passes and flight status updates.


    increase in customer interactions with messenger
    Chatbots are bringing success to businesses around the globe.
    Source: Messenger
  • McDonalds

    For more than 20 years McDonald’s used tray liners as a communication channel in Brazil. With smartphones nowadays, these tray liners were not so engaging for consumers anymore. McDonald’s created the TrayQuest bot for Messenger. McDonalds invited people to sync the TrayQuest bot with their tray liner. Their customer could now play interactive games for rewards. A whopping 90% of tray liners were activated. Creating a direct marketing channel bringing the conversation back to the table.


    people participated in the TrayQuest conversation the first seven days
    Chatbots are bringing success to businesses around the globe.
    Source: Messenger
  • Sale Stock

    The fast-growing Indonesian mobile commerce start-up created a bot for Messenger, called Soraya. It can handle end-to-end transactions. Powered by AI, it understands Bahasa slang and regional dialects. Soraya replies instantly to frequently asked questions. It also thinks for itself - i.e. whether to direct people to a customer service team for assistance instead.


    conversion to purchase (chatbot compared to website and app)
    Chatbots are bringing success to businesses around the globe.
    Source: Messenger

Here’s why Messenger should have your undivided attention

Over 1.3 billion active users
72% of people who use Messenger are confirmed online buyers.
It is the most engaging channel with average 82% open rates.
It has 4 to 10 times higher CTRs compared to email.
Response time is 20% FASTER compared to traditional messaging.

Your audience already uses Messenger day-in day-out, you and your business
should be a part of that conversation.






Messenger Icon

"Messenger bots are a warm & welcoming opportunity."

Neil Patel

Neil Patel
Entrepreneur, Investor & Influencer

And the Stats do NOT lie.

Messenger is unstoppable!

Messenger has a 4 – 10 times better CTR compared to email marketing! A whopping 100% delivery rate AND an average of 82% Open Rates  Now, stop and think about it…

Perhaps you can even say Messenger is the new and improved email?

Look, even GetResponse hates to admit email marketing will be put on the back-burner…


“So, could Messenger kill email?”

“I hesitate to say it… but yes it could. I mean… how could it not? It’s Uber, PayPal, Skype, group chat, thousands of brand bots, dozens of apps – all rolled into one.”

— Posted on the GetResponse.com Blog


See, whether you like it (or not), Messenger blows email out of the water! And as you see, it already has email-marketing platforms running scared!

However, to say Email Marketing is dead... Is something else. Messenger and Email certainly should co-exist!

By leveraging BOTH channels in your marketing, you can drastically amplify your overall results on what matters most... More leads, sales and growing your company!

Messenger vs. Email Calculator

Email works. But Messenger + Email works better.

Messenger Icon

82%+ Open Rate
4+ Notifications
50%+ CTR

Email Icon

22% Open Rate
1 Notification
6-10% CTR


Adjust the numbers below and discover how
Messenger stacks up versus email!


And here's moreundeniable proof...

Messenger works for every market & every niche.

Disney Logo

Disney's ZooTopia bot exchanged millions of unique messages with fans, with each conversation lasting several minutes on average - helping to get over $1 billion in global sales of the movie.

1-800 Flowers Logo

The bot was an immediate success. 70% of the company’s chatbot orders came from brand new customers, who in fact were younger than the company’s typical customer - penetrating a new market!

Call of Duty Logo

Curious fans exchanged over 6 million messages with the bot in the first 24 hours. If fans solved the riddle they were given a sneak peak of the new upcoming game - building hype and anticipation!

Look… there’s a ton more cool case studies showing you the most amazing results. But savvy as you are, you get the point: Chatbots for Messenger increase your conversions and boost your profits!

So, canMessengerchatbots help the average marketer to IGNITE conversions & boost sales?

Man CheeringShort and simple; YES!

By now, you have a really clear picture of what chatbots are capable of doing… for you — and your business.

Plus you know it really doesn’t matter if you own a small, medium or a BIG company… IF you’re an online marketer (or IF you’re just starting out with online) … Chatbots simply help you tell the story of your business. Helping you boost your conversions & sales!

It’s time to leave to the old traditional way of doing things, because there’s…

A new wayto say 'Hooray’...

Faouzi JoutiStefan van der Vlag

Date: January 27, 2023
Re: Out with old, in with the new!

Hey there fellow marketer

It’s Stefan van der Vlag here, along with my partner Faouzi Jouti!

And we felt now is the perfect time for a breath of fresh air. See, I’ve got some great news… Which will help you to quadruple profits, put traffic on steroids – AND it slashes your Ad Spend drastically!

As a full time online marketer for over 10 years, I’ve got quite some experience on what works and what doesn’t…

The biggest “take-away”?

You needto adapt... or you die.

Harsh? I beg to differ.

See, today we live in an on-demand society. We want 'things' on our own time. We decide when want it. And your audience is no different! 

Nowadays they expect the on-demand experience.  They are used to it.

They tuned-out on old-school mass-marketing which is impersonal and immediate. And if you still focus on the latter - you'll definitely get left behind.

Yup. There’s a new way to get your message heard.

Enter "Chat Marketing".

See, it's not about interrupting people anymore - it's about talking with them!Turn your business into an experience. Provide a conversation, make it right for each individual, and fully automate it to deliver at scale.

Answer the exact questions your consumers have and... provide the information they want, when they want it. Cater their *on-demand* need. And do it all automatically... 

Basically, be there 24/7 without really being there... By having your chatbot talk to them as if they are the only person in the world.

This is how you market to people today and tomorrow.

Use the right tools helping you get what you want— fast and easy.

Pop-ups and “exit pages” are all fun.  But with the matured Internet today, people become blind to these tactics. Just like they did with website banners!

I can’t even remember when I last clicked on a banner, do you? Hell, I can't even remember when I fully played a YouTube ad... Skip, skip skip...

The point being… gimmicks are great, until they don’t work anymore. It’s a short-term, impersonal, interruptive (and very unreliable) solution.

And savvy as you are… you know successful marketers and business owners use reliable methods. They don’t rely on a gimmick that works today and is gone by tomorrow.

It's the reason 'why' reputable marketers and BIG businesses already massively adapted chatbots for Messenger in their arsenal (and as you've seen with great results)...

...and you should definitely follow suit...

Even if it's just for this single 'thing'... Because having prospects interact with you on Messenger via their phone will already INCREASE your bottom line:

Mobile Conversions vs. Desktop Conversions

Yup! A study on Facebook IQ reported you're far more likely to convert prospects into sales if the first touchpoint is via a conversation on their smartphone.

Almost 1.5 times more likely!

Now, let that sink in for a moment... An automated conversation may take longer. And sure... the purchase journey may as well be longer - But who cares, right?

It's leading to more sales and revenue for you and your business!

And guess what? Chatbots on Messenger provide you with exactly this! A *new hot* way for your prospects to interact & converse with your brand via their smartphone.

So listen up…

Till now you’ve been using a couple of ‘methods’ to start with Chatbot Automations…

1. You ignored the BIG potential of Messenger Chatbots
 You focus on the wrong Messaging App — setting yourself up for failure
3. You followed the herd and are now using ‘broken’ complicated software.
4. You hired an EXPENSIVE freelancer because you think chatbots are complicated

Look — You already know Messenger is the ‘go-to’ platform when it comes to making your chatbot marketing easy, fun & profitable. 

You’ve seen the proof, right? It’s SUPER HOT

Hiring an expensive freelancer should really be out of the question. Till now you though it was complicated. Wait till you see what we’ve created for you, your dreams will become a reality.

We simply bridge the conversation gap & make marketing with Chatbots on Messenger fun and easy to do... you quickly realize we’ve done all the hard work for you.

And well... you shouldn’t “follow-the-herd” in using pretentious overpriced stinky software either.Because it’s based on someone else’s opinion. They might be ‘okay’ with half working buggy software, or don’t even see flaws until it’s too late.

See, I think your business deserves the best. And so do you, right? So when it comes to building chatbots and Messenger Marketing…

You simply need the right software.

So, be careful of shenanigans!

Now, if you’ve jumped on this *super-cool-chatbot-messenger-marketing* bandwagon before… chances are you’ve come away with a bloody nose… at best you’ve been disappointed.

Not because you’ve been sold a lie… Because you’ve been sold a DUD.

(Yes ManyChat & ChatFuel we’re looking at you too…)

Because while all those other tools you’ve seen might talk a good game…

They’re designed to for Messenger marketing like a bowling ball is designed to fly.

See, when it comes to chatbots, Messenger, and marketing… It needs to be clever.

Meaning you need a simple overview of your chatbot. And you need to be able to build them fast and easy… Plus you need to be able to make your ideas a reality 100% of the time!

So when we decided to take on the challenge and build our very own Chatbot Creator & Messenger Marketing Suite…

...We knew this was not going to be easy — I took a BIG list to the team and asked them if this was possible to create something, and they said “YES — but to build something of that magnitude it’s gonna take time…”

My only concern was… it had to be (at least) 10x better!

So, we designed asolution...

We built the world’s most advanced Chatbot Creator & Marketing suite for Messenger. Using Next-Gen Technology! Enabling you to create hyper-engaging chatbots… Improving your reach, essentially positioning your brand & business as the authority. Generating more leads for you, closing more sales for you… and help your company grow automatically with ease!

Clever Messenger Logo

Quadruple Profits & Slash Ad Spend with Clever Messenger in only 4 Easy Steps!

The minute you get into the Clever Messenger dash you’ll be wondering why
nobody has made it this simple to boost conversions & ROI before.

[rev_slider alias="newslider"]

Our goal was to create a Messenger Bot Creator / Marketing Suite so easy 
and powerful to use, nothing else on the market could touch it.

It had to have these features:

Let complete BEGINNERS to Messenger bots setup profitable campaign in mere minutes.
Allow experienced marketers to speed up bot building. And add more juice to their marketing.
Plug ‘n Play with tools you already use and love. Like, auto-responders, webinars, ecommerce, and more!
The ability to build unlimited bots for unlimited pages. And the power to send out unlimited broadcasts.
This is exactly what we created… and more!


You’re fully covered by our 30 day money-back guarantee.

"Great solution. Nothing beats this kind of intimacy!"

Wilco de Kreij

Wilco de Kreij
Entrepreneur & Legendary Nerd

Seeing is believing.

Before a public release we had to make sure to
get phenomenal results with it ourselves.

Slashing Ad Costs to Quadruple Profits:

A 840.13% ROI Case Study

By using Clever Messenger’s full-featured power in this retargeting campaign... we achieved great results!

Usually we only retarget with a simple link leading back to our page. This time our audience went through our chatbot first – which in turn started an automated sequence of messages to this new audience which resulted in a 840.13% ROI!

Another plus was the 341 subscribers we were able to generate, which would’ve been lost using any conventional approach!


As you can see we got AMAZING results with Clever Messenger in its ALPHA & BETA Phase.

And this with just 2 of its features...

So can you increase profits with 840.13% andquadrupleyour profits?

To be frank... I don’t know.

Each market and niche are different. However, that’s not the point.

The point is, even at the low-end of the scale you’re still increasing revenue. And increased revenue means you’re still getting more sales and boosting your profits. 🚀

Now, with that said...

You can imagine wewere very excited by these results…

Clever Messenger in both its ALPHA & BETA stage obviously had HUGE potential… to help online business owners to increase their reach instantly (and get stellar conversions + boosting more sales.)

However — boasting own results isn’t really enough...

So we asked our group of BETA-testers to try it out and report back…

Here are some of the results our BETA-testers have seen:

“..I Sold a Car with a Messenger Code..”

I sold a car last week on a notice board with a Messenger Code! Someone simply walked by the notice board, scanned the code, entered my flow and I sold a car! These Messenger Codes are really taking off in Australia!

Been really *geeking out* tonight — and can’t wait to see what all the other capture options have to offer! 😮

Wade Neumann

Wade Neumann
(BETA Tester)

Andrea Lanzone

Andrea Lanzone
(BETA Tester)

“..A Whopping 98% Open Rate on Broadcast!..”

This is really something else – a real game changer! I generated a lot of subscribers with the tools in Clever Messenger and on my first broadcast I managed to get a whopping 98% Open Rate!

And I now also got a great way to get personal messages out to my Gym Members with personalization tags and cool looking emojis – fast and easy! 

To be honest. I never believed this Messenger thing would work for me – but after trying it for myself I was hooked from my first campaign! 🙂

“..0.03 cents Per Messenger Lead!..”

“I really think Messenger is the future. With just one of the ‘Clever’ features I was able to generate a ton of new subscribers at a very low cost!

I simply used the FB™ Comments Private Reply feature of Clever Messengerwhich I connected to a curiosity driven ad… The ad was a simple emoji based text – mimicking an playable audio file – with the call to action to comment to the post and the promise they receive the audio file.

What I saw next was just unbelievable — $0.03 per Messenger Lead! 😮  People were so amazed by the Private Messaging feature – some even tried it multiple times giving my post a ton of reactions, shares, and comments!”

Joe di Siena

Joe di Siena
(BETA Tester)



You’re fully covered by our 30 day money-back guarantee.

It’s really cool, and of course you can use all Messenger API features!

Everyone who wants it has access to FB™ general API. Big whop…

However, the Messenger API is really something else — So instead of slaving away yourself (or have an expensive developer do it for you) and waiting days upon days (sometimes weeks) to get your app approved…

We’ve already done this for you.

See, FB™ is very cautious. They don't want anyone abusing their platform (which is a good thing). Though, this means the API requires manual review by FB™’s employees. You’d have to go through a feedback loop that can take ages before getting your full permission!

Now, with Clever you avoid this tedious process, you keep your hair & make full use of the Messenger API — Here's how Clever puts it all to work for you in just seconds:

Clever Messenger works beautifully out of the box.

Grow your business with "back-to-the-future" like features!

An All-In-One Chatbot Creation & Marketing Suite, including Drag 'n Drop Flows & Powerful
Automation Rules, Growth Tools & Super Fast Broadcasts, Live Chat, and much more…

Connect all the dots with one powerful solution.

Discover the holy grail of bot building.


Create your chatbot without coding

Drag 'n drop yourself a chatbot for Messenger without any of the tech headaches. It's easy, it's fun AND there's no coding required.

Automate your business from front to back.

A small taste of the Automation features...

[rev_slider alias="automation"]

Send Text

Your bot can send powerful text messages. Add emoji, pers. tags, delays and more!

Send Images & GIFs

If images speak a thousand words, GIFs speak ten thousand words. Funky!

Send Videos

Want to send videos? You can. Use this if you want to increase that personal vibe.

Send Files

Send out that PDF or eBook you promised after they subscribed to your chatbot.


Send List Items

Beautiful listings! Use eCom integrations & easily add your products to the mix.


Send Carousel Items

Carousel Ads, but for Messenger! Great if you want to share some more + cool eCom integrations


Apply Tags

Behavioral tagging. Add tags based on what your subscribers see and click on.


Apply Actions

Have your chatbot perform actions based on any conditions you desire.



Grow your business with ease

It's now easy to grow your Messenger audience. Access a complete set capture tools helping you convert anyone into a subscriber.

Capture subscribers in the most simplest of ways.

A small taste of the Capture features...

[rev_slider alias="capture"]


Send messages to your subscribers

With 82% average open rates and 10x better CTR than email, Messenger is the best place to make your message heard.

Reach out & put traffic on steroids

A small taste of the Broadcast features...

[rev_slider alias="engage"]


Up close & personal with Live Chat

Live Chat notifies you when your attention is needed and makes it easy to have a conversation with your subscriber.

A personal human touch if you desire so...

A small taste of the Live Chat features...

[rev_slider alias="livechat"]


Know exactly who your subscribers are!

This allows you to really know your audience. Automatically put them in segments, so you can fine-tune your message even more!

Full in-depth user profiles & segmentation

A small taste of the Audience features...

[rev_slider alias="audience"]


Specify what you want it to do

Play around with the settings of your chatbot in order to make it appear as human as possible, or not. It's all up to you!

Tell it exactly what you want it to do

A small taste of the Configure features...

[rev_slider alias="configure"]

AnAll-in-onesolution packed with powerful features.

Send unlimited broadcasts

Send unlimited messages to your subscribers. You choose your limit.

Use on unlimited pages

Install & use Clever Messenger on Unlimited FB™ Pages - no per page BS.

A/B Splittest

Test entire Flows, or all the way down to a single message. Optimize!

Easy 10 second install

No headaches. Quick, simple install. You're ready to build in just 3 clicks.

Typing indicators!

Make your chatbot come appear like a human by mimicking typing!


Only send out messages if users match your required conditions.

Full Emoji Support

Pimp up your message & give it that human touch & feel by using Emoji!

Personalization Tags

Automate personalization. Address your subscribers by their name easily!


Plug everything you want inside your chatbot - next level stuff!

More ways to make it yours

Integrate the tools you already use and love


This is just a handful of all native integrations Clever got in place.

Next to automating your business for growth...

Here are some of the other things you can do with Clever Messenger!

Know your leads & customers


Above & beyond analytics

Track all your sales, leads and other key metrics - get the data you need to scale, improve, and grow your business with ease. Think overall performance stats, all the way down to how a single flow (or message) is performing!

All languages supported!



Clever is build for you - so yes, it speaks your language. Setup multiple languages per chatbot. Setup different languages on your Growth tools, Welcome Messages, Main Menus, and well... Basically everywhere you want!

Works with your website & pages.



Our Growth Tools work out of the box. You simply setup your widget, copy a line of code and paste it to your site! Done. Finito! We also made sure you can embed multiple widgets to your page... unlike others do.

Tap into 80% of all smarthphones


easy mobile strategy

Mobile much? It's where most traffic is coming from! With chatbots you simply don't have to worry about stupid responsive web pages anymore - because you can make everything happen inside your conversation.

Commercial license included !


Got clients?

Put Clever Messenger to work for new and existing clients. Show them the 'Zeus-like power' chatbots have to offer - and charge any markup. You'll appear like the man that discovered how to make fire to them!

Enjoy full GDPR Compliance



This is build with privacy in mind. Compliance with and to international law and regulations are very important to us too. You can even setup GDPR flows allowing subscribers to download their Personal Data!

Let’s meet at the end of the rainbow

Just jump in, the water is nice and warm



You’re fully covered by our 30 day money-back guarantee.

Cool, right?

Clever Messenger not only looks sexy -- it actually does what it says on the tin.


You’re not a marketing hobo…

You and your business deserve the best, right?

So stop relying on broken, beat-down, stinky and expensive chatbot marketing suites that might’ve seemingly done the trick till now…

Instead, use next-gen technology giving you what you need — fast and easy.

Today You Get Incredible Value for your investment plus a Very Special Bonus

Now, with all the advanced features stacked inside you’d expect to invest much more than we’ll be asking for such an awesome, yet easy-to-use Chatbot Marketing Suite.

AND because we are rolling out Clever Messenger for its first initial public launch, we’re offering up special pricing at very a steep discount...

So, as a way of welcoming you into the 'Clever Family', there's a very special bonus offer waiting for you!


You receive 30-days of FREE access to our Amazing Pro Edition of our  Messenger software called Clever Messenger Pro.

Why are we doing this? Well... It’s simple.

We feel once you’ve tried Clever Messenger Pro for 30 days, you’ll want to be part of our ‘Clever Family’ for life. So…

Enable"The Hyperdrive"& Get Results at
Lightspeed with Clever Messenger Pro!

You do fine with Clever Messenger — however, we want to give you a FULL taste of everything we got to offer. So there you go...

You experience Clever Messenger Pro’s full-featured power. Enabling you to boost your Messenger marketing with chatbots even more.

Discover the Pro tools you’ll get EXCLUSIVE access to for the next
30-days FREE with your purchase of Clever Messenger:


Send to Messenger Overlays

Plug Messenger in your current strategy

Sexy overlays holding a nifty little Send to Messenger button allowing visitors to become a subscriber with 1 single click!


Start capturing Messenger subscribers with ease.

A small taste of the Send to Messenger Overlay features...

[rev_slider alias="sendtomessenger"]


Another way to squeeze out the most!

2 leads for 1. Generate email and Messenger subscribers simultaneously. As well as sending eCom data and more!


Open up 2 marketing channels at once!

A small taste of the Checkbox Plugin features...

[rev_slider alias="checkbox"]


Subscribers from FB™ Comments

Get Messenger subscribers from people who comment and reply to your fan page posts. Fully automated and easy to setup.


From fan page posts into your funnels!

A small taste of the Post Engagement features...

[rev_slider alias="postengagement"]

Get Access To 60+ Done For You Chatbot Templates

We continue to add to a growing database of Plug 'n Play templates


Lead Generation


Book a Table




Feedback Collection


Real Estate


Digital Marketer


Webinar Registration


Hotel Feedback




Book a Room





Install Public & Private Templates in just 2 clicks:

Launch full-ready chatbots in just seconds.



Choose your desired chatbot template

Easily pick from a range of templates (over 60 templates) from the picker on your chatbot's Page level. Review its contents & click continue.


Install & launch your chatbot

Install the template on your chatbot & enjoy a fully launchable chatbot in just seconds (easily build on top of it to fine-tune it to your needs)

Generate Way More Subscribers with Your Pro Edition!

Yup. We're increasing your subscriber limit!

Growth is immenent

Capture up to 10,000 Subscribers

Because you're going to get more tools to plugin to your current marketing strategy -- we figured it's going to unavoidable you're going to generate more subscribers... So enjoy! You  get 10,000 subscriber slots!


Test all the toolsinside the Pro Edition...

Without any risk or additional cost — for the next 30 days. Use the Pro tools without any restrictions during this full FREE trial period. And…

…enjoy taking your Messenger marketing to new levels of profitability!

All new features will all go inside your Pro Edition. Customers who decide to stay get access to more advanced FB™ Messenger marketing tools like these at no extra charge!

Total Pro Edition Value: $199.00/month

Yours FREE With Your Investment In Clever Messenger Today!

Clever Messenger is ideal for all walks of weblife.

Social Media Marketers

Looking for a new cool way to increase reach & their following.

List builders & Bloggers
Who want to convert more site visitors into profitable leads. And more leads into customers
Affiliate & CPA marketers
Promoting quality products and want to MAXIMIZE ROI on their campaigns.
NEW People to Messenger
Wanting an extreme easy way to exploit this powerful form of Messenger marketing!

Product Sellers

Wanting to use multi-channel marketing and give people another shot to pick up what’s on offer
Ecommerce Vendors
eCom vendors who want kick people of the fence and INCREASE profits
Support Staff
Wanting an easy and fast way to handle and automate all live support issues.

To be frank, it really doesn’t matter what you do online. What matters is this:

Are you prepared for the MASSIVE results
Clever Messenger will get you?

Look, Clever Messenger's automations will significantly grow your business... No matter what your niche is.

Automateyour business for growth.

Without using chatbots for full business automations, getting traffic and getting it to convert for you is harder than a woodpecker's lips. You basically are not able to be there 24/7, 365 days a year… and without having the best availability possible, you’re wasting traffic and money.

We’re here to change this for you…

This is NOT some flash-in-the-pan gimmick that’s here today, gone tomorrow…. You do it with advanced technology PROVEN to qualify and convert more traffic into leads, customers and profits.

Quite simply, with Clever Messenger in your arsenal… You are there 24/7...
365 days a year... without really being there! 

With fully automated chatbots for your business, you give your leads and customers what they want, when they want it. You save time and money on both your support AND sales flows... And so much more.

It truly has never been this easy and cheap to maximize and amplify profits from existing and new traffic streams! 

Is your current chatbot suite giving you a headache?

See how we stack up versus our competition by clicking on the button below.


(comparison based on 10,000 subscribers spread equally over 4 pages)

Convert more, earn more, become more.

Simply put, Clever Messenger turns MORE of your traffic into leads and buyers. With an effective strategy to convert more visitors into long term, loyal customers.

This platform is based on the PROVEN concept of automating conversations. However, Clever Messenger takes it to the next level — expect an explosive increase in leads, conversions and sales for you and your business!

Look, you get the point -- the truth is this page can even be much bigger, simply because we got so much cool stuff inside. To be honest... the only way you get a real taste - is to simply try us out.

So, we're going making it extremely easy for you to get in. You can get access to everything on this page (and more) totally RISK-FREE.

The “Have Your Cake & Eat It” Guarantee!

Try us out 30 days - RISK FREE. Not satisfied? You get 100% your money back. 

Clever Messenger 30 Day Risk FREE

100% Money Back Guarantee!


Yes - because we're confident you'll absolutely love Clever Messenger, you're backed by our 30 day money-back guarantee! We're 100% sure you enjoy increased conversions, generating more leads, and boosting sales within the next 30 days. So go ahead, test-drive it all for a full 30 days & get a real taste in chatbots & Messenger marketing!

And IF you're not completely satisfied, not 100% delighted, or entirely jazzed - then contact our heroic support staff, available 24/7, and I personally make sure you receive an immediate, and full refund. Obviously, there's no strings attached, and if you decide to take us up on the guarantee, we'll still be friends 🙂

Get access RISK-FREE to everything you've seen on this page now
and get a full 30 days of test-driving!

One of the first things people find when using Clever Messenger is how quickly
they can setup chatbot automations to help grow their business - hands free.

So, what will you automate?

Stop dabbling if chatbots are for you, and start seeing it for yourself. Put
Clever Messenger + the Pro Edition to the test for free for 30 days, on us.

By now, it’s simply timeto decide...

...if our app meets your needs, based of what've you read and seen on this page.

And look, it would be stupid if we were to charge you on a ‘per-page-basis’… (really nuts!)

And still — others do this.

They charge you upwards from $1,000.00 per year for their broken and pretentious software. Which is just crazy!

This would only be justified if they would give you a working, accurate and complete software — Using STATE-OF-THE-ART technology — something like Clever Messenger...

To be frank… when this charter launch is over, prices will be increased to this range too. Because let’s face it, we’re a business too!

Though… today is not about us. It’s about you.

We want to be your stepping stone leading to increased conversions, sales and profits! So we thought about letting it go for $499.00 a year. This still would be a steal!

Then we thought of letting it go for $329.00/yr since our special server infrastructure is saving so much on bandwidth anyway… and you might agree it would STILL be a total no-brainer.

However, we realized that at this price we wouldn't make a real impact. We wouldn’t be really revolutionizing the industry. So…

Today you’ll get in at the absolute ground level.

Yes, we want to invite you in on the absolute ground level. Becoming a valued founding member of Clever Messenger in the process.

So today only, you can get in at a one-time fee.

Of course... you are totally free to accept or refuse this invite. However, as a fair notice to you -- when this launch is over, we remove the one-time fee option. We remove all the bonuses and this heavily discounted deal will never be available again.


Get Instant AccessDuring This Special Celebratory Charter Launch Right Now + All Bonuses!



($300.00 OFF compared to the normal yearly subscription with 3.000 subscriber slots.)


Choose The Best Plan Suiting Your Needs:

Get Clever to Quadruple Profits, Rapid Traffic & Slash Ad Spend.

$499.00/ YEARLY




What's included:

  • Access to Audience Management
  • Access to Audience Segmentation
  • Access to Live Chat
  • Access to Customer Chat
  • Access To Messenger Code
  • Access To Messenger Links
  • Access To JSON Code Generator
  • Access To Broadcasts
  • Access To Sequences
  • Access To AI Triggers
  • Access To Flow Composer
  • Access To Configure
  • Access To Tags
  • Access To Custom Fields
  • Access To Integrations
  • Generate up to 3,000 subscribers
  • Unlimited Pages
  • Unlimited Broadcasts
  • 24/7 Support
  • Clever Branding Removed
  • Commercial License

Included in FREE Pro Trial:

  • Generate up to 10,000 subscribers
  • Access to Opt-in Widgets
  • Access to Checkbox Plugin
  • Access To FB™ Comments Replies
  • Access to Webhooks
  • Access to Any New Pro features
  • Access to 60+ DFY Templates
Get Access Now!



$499.00/ YEARLY





This will never be made available
at this price again.


Use coupon "founder100" on the next page for an additional $100 OFF. You get it all at 199. *This coupon is only for the first 100 takers.

What's included:

  • Access to Audience Management
  • Access to Audience Segmentation
  • Access to Live Chat
  • Access to Customer Chat
  • Access To Messenger Code
  • Access To Messenger Links
  • Access To JSON Code Generator
  • Access To Broadcasts
  • Access To Sequences
  • Access To AI Triggers
  • Access To Flow Composer
  • Access To Configure
  • Access To Tags
  • Access To Custom Fields
  • Access To Integrations
  • Generate up to 3,000 subscribers
  • Unlimited Pages
  • Unlimited Broadcasts
  • 24/7 Heroic Support
  • Clever Branding Removed
  • Commercial License

Included in FREE Pro Trial:

  • Generate up to 10,000 subscribers
  • Access to Opt-in Widgets
  • Access to Checkbox Plugin
  • Access To FB™ Comments Replies
  • Access to Webhooks
  • Access to Any New Pro features
  • Access to 60+ DFY Templates

Use coupon "founder100" on the next page for an additional $100 OFF. You get it all at 199. *This coupon is only for the first 100 takers.

By getting access now, you get a unlimited account to Clever Messenger for only $299 $199/one-time instead of investing $499/year later on. As a special bonus, you get a FREE 30-day trial of the Pro Edition which continues into $49/mo (normally $199/mo) after 30 days, unless you cancel. You can cancel anytime inside your account, you won't be billed and you keep Clever Messenger!

Not interested in Pro Trial FREE as a bonus?
Get Clever Messenger ONLY here.

$69.00/ MONTHLY




What's included:

  • Access to Audience Management
  • Access to Audience Segmentation
  • Access to Live Chat
  • Access to Customer Chat
  • Access To Messenger Code
  • Access To Messenger Links
  • Access To JSON Code Generator
  • Access To Broadcasts
  • Access To Sequences
  • Access To AI Triggers
  • Access To Flow Composer
  • Access To Configure
  • Access To Tags
  • Access To Custom Fields
  • Access To Integrations
  • Generate up to 3,000 subscribers
  • Unlimited Pages
  • Unlimited Broadcasts
  • 24/7 Support
  • Clever Branding Removed
  • Commercial License

Included in FREE Pro Trial:

  • Generate up to 10,000 subscribers
  • Access to Opt-in Widgets
  • Access to Checkbox Plugin
  • Access To FB™ Comments Replies
  • Access to Webhooks
  • Access to Any New Pro features
  • Access to 60+ DFY Templates
Get Access Now!

So for a $299 $199 one-time fee you'll leverage chatbots to increase conversions, boost sales and easily grow your company automatically -- even faster than you can drink a nice hot cup of fresh coffee! ☕

Clever Messenger also includes unlimited updates & our heroic customer support. Any question you have will be answered in real time, 24/7. Prices will INCREASE after this launch is over. And our special deal will be gone forever.


Joe Di Siena and Russell Brunson laughing and having a good time.


You also receive Full Video Training and Heroic Support!

Of course, you receive full video-based training! This is where you discover how to get the most out of Clever Messenger and the Pro Edition.

In matter of fact. You get access to a full knowledge base -- ready with every feature clearly written out. As well as videos explaining how to set things up fast… Not that you need it, because 'Clever' is extremely easy to set up!

And IF you get stuck. You simply send in a support request — And before you know it, you set up profitable Campaigns in no time flat – without any guesswork.

The FREE Trial to Clever Messenger Pro SOUNDS GREAT! But What Happens When My 30 Days Are Up?

It’s very simple.

If you decide to keep Clever Messenger Pro past the initial 30 day FREE trial period... you’ll be billed (normally $199/mo) $49/mo starting the month following your initial purchase. This amounts to yearly savings of $1800,00 -- compared to what you’d invest to subscribe to Clever Messenger Pro after this launch is over.

In the unlikely event you find during your 30 day trial you find you’re not:

Making more and spending less on ads
Adding more leads with less friction & improving reach
Getting better ROI on your retargeting campaigns
Saving time setting up fully automated chatbots

Then simply cancel Clever Messenger Pro.

You’re not locked into a contract in any way. As long as you cancel with the first 30 days of purchasing Clever Messenger, you won’t be charged an extra penny.

Cancelling is as easy as clicking a button inside your account. And if you got any problems clicking that button, our heroic support desk is just 1 click away.

In the event you cancel, we’ll remain friends – no hassle and certainly no hard feelings. You’ll still have full access to Clever Messenger if you decide to cancel your Pro trial -- unless you refund your entire purchase of Clever Messenger of course.

Please, do note... the FREE 30-day Clever Messenger Pro trial is a time-sensitive offer, available only during the initial public launch of Clever Messenger.



You’re fully covered by our 30 day money-back guarantee.

Oh, one more thing… GRAB Clever Messenger NOW and youget thesebonuses FREE!



The Chatbot Checklist

Get the Chatbot checklist. We use this when setting up our Messenger Chatbots on all our own pages — making sure they perform like they should right out of the gate!

Valued at $99 -- yours FREE!



20 Premium Bot Flows

Receive 5 HIGH Exclusive DFY Bot Templates. Battle tested templates proven to generate leads and increase conversions. Simply click on your desired template and fill-in the blanks.

Valued at $199 -- yours FREE!



Community Access

Join our growing community on Facebook, talk strategy with your peers, form alliances and more to get the most out of Clever Messenger right of the bat.

Valued at $199 -- yours FREE!



Founding Member!

Get your name (or company name) on our founding member page, indicating you act on an awesome opportunity when you see one. Full bragging rights included.

Priceless, and ONLY available through this launch.



You’re fully covered by our 30 day money-back guarantee.

You’ll get all these bonusesfor FREE with your copy of Clever Messenger!

We're so excited to bring you our advanced Chatbot Creator & Messenger marketing suite! It will help you make your FB™ ads substantially more profitable! Plus you’re able to generate and reach more subscribers easily (with much less effort).

No more spending long hours in getting this ‘chatbot thing’ to work for you... No more tedious, time-consuming tasks to build captivating bots. No more heavy dependencies on email-marketing alone...

Building and marketing with chatbots is a breeze with Clever Messenger.

Take your Messenger marketing to new heights of profitability. And enjoy your included 30 day FREE trial of the Pro edition (+ all other bonuses…)

Any marketer can now easily reach out to their audience again. Dramatically increasing their conversions. Boosting sales, and profits on their campaigns by using Clever Messenger. We’ve shown you proof it works… not only for us, but for others as well, and it will surely work for you too!

And with the 30-day no hassle guarantee, you’re 100% covered. This means you can try it all out RISK FREE right now.

Look, if you want to have different results, you need to do things differently. So, it’s time to make the decision right now and get different — and far BETTER – results!


To your continued success!

Stefan van der Vlag, Faouzi Jouti and
The Entire Clever Messenger Team

P.S. We don’t want to rush you, but please remember this is an extremely time sensitive offer. When the timer on this page hits zero... this software, the bonuses and training won’t be available ever again at this price.

Note that you’re totally covered by our 30 day — 100% unconditional money back guarantee. This means you have nothing to lose! Even when you feel this is not for you. YES if you decide this is not for you - even after 29 days, 23 hours, 59 minutes, and 59 seconds… You'll get every penny back to your account.

Your desire is only limited by your imagination.

If you do nothing right now, results will be just that… nothing will change. So now is the time to make the positive decision to improve your conversions and results.

Now is the time you finally get that warm and secure feeling. Worrying about the delivery of your message really is a thing of the past. Because now you can reach your audience whenever you want it - whenever you feel like it.

Imagine how happy you’ll be when you have all the tools to dramatically increase the profits you make. Amazing results on every campaign you run, on every offer you put out, and every chatbot you create…


Frequently Asked Questions

Every day it’s becoming harder to reach your audience. People open less email and social media is so noisy you can barely see your own posts.

A Messenger chatbot solves this problem. As it provides a private channel of communication with each user. It’s instant, interactive, fully automated, and no message ever goes lost.

Look. Anyone caring about their online business, cares about communicating with their audience. Especially when it comes to using a NEW FRESH channel which can now be automated completely!

So basically, asking if this really is for you, isn’t the right question to ask yourself. The question you should ask yourself is this...

It's the same question Fortune 500 businesses, start-ups, and successful marketers are asking: “Do I care about my business?”

If the answer is yes, then this is definitely for you.



You’re fully covered by our 30 day money-back guarantee.

Easy setup, works out of the box. No tech-headaches, pinky promise!
Clever’s features will help you and your business to grow fast and easy.
We have a combined marketing and software experience of over 30+ years!


We got 24/7 support. We are here to help you with any questions!

Get Clever with Messenger

Ready to get started?



You’re fully covered by our 30 day money-back guarantee.

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