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"Messenger Truly is a Dream Come True!"

Wilco de Kreij Loves Clever Messenger

Wilco de Kreij
Entrepreneur, Investor & Influencer

Discover Messenger vs. Email

Comparing is simple. Adjust the numbers!

Is Email Marketing Dead?

Look, broadcasting with Messenger gives you a 4 to 10 times better CTR compared to email marketing. All while boasting a 100% delivery rate AND an average of 82% Open Rates — So, I don't blame you when you think email marketing is dead in the water!

Plus, by witnessing your potential results using the calculator above, and by seeing ordinary people like Andrea getting exceptional results with Messenger below... I can understand that you may be wondering if this "email marketing thing" is over.

Andrea Lanzone

Andrea Lanzone
(Gym Owner)

"A Whopping 98% Open Rate on Broadcast!"

Holy cow! This is something else – a real game changer! I managed to generate a lot of subscribers with the tools provided by Stefan. I love Messenger! On my first try, I  got a whopping 98% Open Rate on my broadcast!

I now also got a great way to get personal messages out to my Gym Members with personalization tags and cool-looking emojis – fast and easy! 

Frankly, I never believed this Messenger thing would work for me – but after trying it for myself I was hooked from my first campaign! 🤯🤯🤯”

Oh and, when you see BIG email companies like GetResponse crying because they're scared about "Email" eventually being put on the back-burner…

I reeeeeally don't blame you if you feel Email Marketing is a thing of the past.

“So, could Messenger kill email?”

“I hesitate to say it… but yes it could. I mean… how could it not? It’s Uber, PayPal, Skype, group chat, thousands of brand bots, dozens of apps – all rolled into one.”

— Posted on the Blog

But, and this may come as a surprise, over at "Clever" we really don't believe Email is dead... 

(If we would, we wouldn't ask for your email on this very page, right?)

See, we believe that Messenger should be an integral part of your marketing strategy, just LIKE email... Because in the end, Messenger is just another way to deliver your message...

Basically, it's "the thing" that gets you to "the thing".

So, ready for the Dirty Little Secret?

Messenger + Email =

Yup. Messenger and Email marketing should MUST be used together.

Here's why: By leveraging BOTH channels in your marketing you not only get results from both channels... But, by doing it the right way, you drastically amplify your results on what matters most; more leads, sales, revenue, and profits!

Look, when you're ready to grow your company... Here's what to do next: 

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Stefan van der Vlag

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"Messenger Is a Welcoming Opportunity."


Neil Patel
Entrepreneur, Investor & Influencer

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